Dog Receives 210 Bottles for Christmas

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Go on, tell them I ate your homework. They’ll never believe you.

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when white boys make fun of girls getting drunk im kinda just like but have you seen white boys wasted. they start rapping and whispering into girls necks and start yelling racist shit to people on the street. when girls get wasted it just means we’re all super nice to each other in the bathroom and dance to beyonce

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This is for all my bad girls around the world. Not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good, you know. Let’s light it up and let it burn like we don’t care. Let ‘em know how it feels damn good to be bad. / The Baddest Female

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Here’s that preview I promised! We’ve received numerous requests for a Luna Pen.  So we have been experimenting and this is what we have come up with thus far.

A huge, super sparkly Swarovski crystal sits at the top of the pen! I’m really obsessed with incorporating Swarovski into every design ^___^ Right now the pen is a regular uncapped pen, but we’d really like to implement a twist mechanism (so the ink is retractable). However, we are a little stuck on this part. If anyone has any cost effective suggestions for implementing a twist mechanism we would really appreciate your input!

And just a reminder, yesterday we restocked Crisis Compacts, Cosmic Hearts, Eternal necklaces and started accepting pre-orders for our sterling silver Garnet orb


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*laughs to my grave*

buying it

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last year a big group of girls in my class were all talking and this one girl was like “im bisexual” and all the girls like stared at her and then the girl goes “dont worry im only attracted to pretty girls” and i was like did she just burn every girl in here i think she did

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“you’re only 18, you’ll regret that tattoo when you’re older” my mom says as she hands me college applications so i can decide on the career i’ll have for the rest of my life

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